First campaign

What's so funny about asking for money?
On-line fundraising campaign
for Grist Magazine

Non-profit Grist Magazine has built a loyal readership by serving up on-line environmental news with a sense of humor. Founding editor, Chip Giller, wanted Grist's first fundraising appeal to reflect that brand attribute while doing the serious business of asking for money.

The Rx was a series of HTML e-mail appeals to subscribers, ostensibly from interested non-staff members beginning with the Chip's mother.

Response to the first campaign was off the charts. Fortunately, when Grist wanted another hit the following year, Chip was about to be married, providing a fresh angle. This campaign also included audio versions of the letters, which signifcantly boosted viral activity and attracted new subscribers.


Letter from the Editor's Mom

    Letter from tree-sitting protester
        Second Campaign

Letter from the Editor's
wedding planner

Letter from the Editor's
future father-in law
Letter from the Editor's fiancé
      more grist            
art direction: John Engerman